Why Abortion Is The Act Of Killing A Child Essay

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Prohibiting Abortion This solution has been introduced and supported by many people. By carrying out this solution, abortion would be banned altogether, making it completely illegal to get an abortion. As was stated earlier, many amendments and initiatives have been introduced in Colorado to ban abortion (Tenser, 2014). There are a few main arguments for banning abortion. These arguments include the idea that abortion is the act of killing a child and that abortions cause psychological damage to the female (Russo, 2014).
Abstinence-Only Sex Education The idea behind this solution is to teach children sex education that places a premium on refraining from having sex until after marriage. Behind this policy is the idea that teaching children about proper contraception and safe sex practices may encourage sex and therefore, teen pregnancy (Stanger-Hall & Hall, 2011). Before 2009, the United States government funded abstinence-only sex education programs in an effort to curb teenage pregnancy, but now let state governments decide what sex education program they would like to utilize (Stanger-Hall & Hall, 2011).
Providing Education on and Greater Access to Contraceptives This solution would provide education on contraceptives during high school sex education (normally taught during biology or physical education classes). The biggest focus of this education would be placed on contraceptive methods that are long term, but still reversible (Secura, Madden, McNicholas,…

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