Essay on Why A Person Commits Delinquent And Criminal Acts

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When attempting to analyze why a person commits delinquent and criminal acts, the socialization and social bonds of those people need to be assessed. Differential association and social bonding can help to understand why people may be influenced to engage in these acts. A person’s social bonding and the influences of differential association can be a potential causation for crime. To assess these theories I will be analyzing situations of criminal and delinquent behavior from people and events in my life. Differential association adheres to the social process that can allow criminal behaviors to be learned; family, friends, peers, and our culture can influence our behavior to become criminal (Cronin, Week 5). The social process can influence people to commit acts of delinquency or crime because if a person sees someone commit these acts and the results are generally positive, then they are more likely to engage in crime to repeat the desirable results of others (Cullen, 127). However, seeing a person get away with illegal behavior a few times would most likely convince them to mimic the actions. However, if a person is introduced to favorable crime at a young age, on a relatively frequent basis, for an extended period of time, and by someone they respect, they will be more likely to repeat the behavior (Cullen, 127). However, according to Sutherland, differential association can also be used with anti-criminal behavior in varying respects (Cullen, 137-38).…

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