Why A College Education Is Necessary For Today 's Society Essay example

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In our society today there are skeptics who question if an American higher education is really worth it. Some say that the financial aspect of committing to college is too high for the education your receiving. People even are saying going to college doesn’t necessarily result in a high paying career once you graduate. There are many people, and even high school graduates questioning if higher education is worth the investment in today 's world. On the other hand, authors such as Freeman Hrabowski and Sanford Unger argue that even though there are negatives in our American education system, college is still a smart investment. In today 's society, I agree that College is the smart investment for those who want to attain a higher education and also gain skills essential for the career field in America. There are many reasons why a college education is necessary for today 's society. One reason comes from Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill 's article titled Should Everyone Go to College? In this article, Owen and Sawhill state the positives and negatives of their views on whether or not people should go to college. One argument they make is the fact that college graduates make more money over time. They display a fact that states, “the gap in annual earnings between young high school graduates and bachelor’s degree holders working full time is $15,000” (Sawhill 210). This clearly shows that on average, a bachelor’s degree holder will make around $15,000 more than a high…

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