Fresca Pasta

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3. Firstly, comparing the purchase intent for whole grain pizza and fresh pasta (Exhibit 7 and Exhibit 3 respectively) we would have to consider the measures that have been used in both studies. In relation to the whole grain pizza there is a high percentage of the measured malls being non-customers of the brand (75%) while the rest are TruEarth customers. The findings of the study suggest that there is a lower percentage of customers that definitely would buy whole grain pizza in relation to the previous findings in the pasta acquirement intent. Only 18% would definitely buy the new pizza product as to the 27% which stated the same about the Cucina Fresca pasta product. The top two box isn’t considerably higher, being this 60% for the whole …show more content…
Our interpretation of the findings in exhibit 9 confirms the problem of the pricing in this product. The main issue here is that the company is trying to launch a product in a market where there is a high price competition and margins have to be lower in order to be able to compete against other big companies. Both favorable to the product and unfavorable to the product suggest that there is a need for the product to lower the price of the pizza or increase the overall taste. Strong reasons for favorable acquisition intent are the inclusion of fresh ingredients and the sauce. Certainly the equilibrium between the ingredients is not well adjusted or the company needs to keep investing in R&D to develop other toppings for this crust, possibly with a stronger flavor to camouflage the lack of seasoning of the whole grain base.
Exhibit 10 is suggesting a decrease in price of the product of about 18,5% (from 12,38$ to 10,09$). It is clear that the whole grain pizza was priced higher than the delivered pizza and the surveyed have considered it to be less valuable than this type of product. There is a need to make some adjustments in the pricing of the product or considering increasing the quality of the ingredients with the objective to be better positioned than the average delivery

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