Essay on Whole Foods Strategic Audit Analysis

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Trident University
Zahi Y. Abi Chaker
BUS599 Module 1 CA
Dr. Gary Hascall
November 29, 2015

Whole Foods Strategic Audit Since 2014 Whole Foods has registered growth in a strong market. Its earnings per share are likely to continue to grow (Zack’s, 2015). However, Whole Foods may not be able to meet its goals if its competitors grow and prosper. Whole Foods was set up to be a leader in the organic and quality food business. The company is mission-driven and intends to be a standard-setter for the industry. The company states that it holds high standards and that the standards “permeate all aspects” of the company (Whole Foods, 2015). The company’s catchphrase is that quality is a state of mind.
Mission & Objectives, Strategies, and Policies
Mission, Objectives & Values To "help support the health, well-being, and healing of people, customers, Team Members, and business organizations" (Whole Foods, 2015), Whole foods uses ‘healthy’ as a value. They have eight core values, including quality standards, the goal of responsible farming, the aim to maintain sustainability of seafood, concern for animal welfare, and overall level of caring for the community. Whole Foods states on its website that even if consumers are meat eaters, they have a responsibility to ensure that they understand that the animals are raised and slaughtered humanely, are fed properly and treated kindly. The company states that the more people know about their food, the better it is (Whole…

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