Essay on Who 's The Loser?

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Who’s the loser?
If your entire presidential candidacy and identity rest on your theoretical talent for victory, can you survive a defeat? Can you continue to call yourself a winner after you’ve lost – when calling someone a “loser” is your favorite way of denouncing them or what they stand for, your workhorse in your seething vocabulary of dismissive slurs? Republican presidential candidate, billionaire real estate mogul and television star Donald Trump certainly seems to think so.
Over the years, Donald Trump has trashed talked politicians, business leaders, entire religions, and even countries such as China, Japan, and Mexico. When Trump isn 't trash talking others, he 's usually bragging about his success as a businessman and his immense amount of wealth. The billionaire has, in the past, used the word "loser" to describe just about anyone that disagrees with him or crosses his path in some way. However Trump’s repeated use of this word during his candidacy may reflect much more about the uniquely popular presidential contender than ever before.
According to the Oxford English dictionary, the literal definition of the term Loser refers to a “person or thing that loses or has lost something, especially a game or contest.” While he has certainly used the word in respects to this definition in the past, Trump has also done a spectacular job at using the word particularly ambiguously, to describe a plethora of people whom may be less successful than him, in disagreement…

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