Who I am paper

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My Who I am Paper
Liberty University

Career Instrument Assessment
According to the assessment, my highest score of 34 was in the category Artistic, next was Social with 32 and my last 2 categories tied at 11 in the categories Investment, and Enterprise(National Center for O*NET Development). In tying this into my Job zone assessment, my results show that I am willing to add more education in order to have a specific career. By choosing to add more to my education, I found my top career choices to be a Mental Health counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist, and a Counseling Psychologist(National Center for O*NET Development). This does not surprise me considering I have been
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I was challenged to decide what was truly important. I had a hard time prioritizing with the many choices. I also felt it was difficult because some were similar. I think this would have accomplished more if they were developed within context. For example, I think it would have helped to put the values into sentences, not just the general words. I assumed that Counselor would be on my list of suggested career choices. I was disappointed that I could not find a career focus with counselling and professional speaking tied together. In searching for this career, I did realize that I tend to focus many of my interests around the amount of income they will provide. I realize that this does not determine a person’s happiness, but it does become a realistic expectation if you are going to invest financially into your career. With that, I am going to avoid focusing on financial gain and remember to just be happy.
External Influences
Although I do not like to admit to it, I am aware that I have my own prejudices. With that, I know that when I am viewing my career through this selfish lens, I tend to think that some vocations are better for me because I am a middle class American, from a middle class American family. With this assessment, I can tell that I may have allowed this ignorant prejudice to influence my decision making slightly. I see this as I consider the different vocations and how they rate according to my scale of best

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