Who Were The Greek Gods? Essay

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Who were the Greek Gods? Ancient Greek mythology has been a fascinating subject for years. It has been the inspiration for many works of art that depict great stories of the gods. Such stories might be in the form of a book, or a film. They could even been seen on grand murals or carved into a building. Though it is a very influential part of history, who the gods were and what their roles were as the Twelve Olympians is not common knowledge. First there is Zeus, king and father of the gods. He is ruler of Mount Olympus and the god of the sky, weather, thunder, lightning, law, order, and justice. He is the youngest son of Cronus and Rhea. He overthrew Cronus and gained the sovereignty of heaven for himself. In artwork, he was depicted as a regal, mature man with a sturdy figure and dark beard. His usual attributes are the royal scepter and the lightning bolt, and his sacred animals are the eagle and the bull. After reaching manhood, After reaching manhood, Zeus forced Cronus to disgorge first the stone (which was set down at Pytho under the glens of Parnassus to be a sign to mortal men, the Omphalos) then his siblings in reverse order of swallowing. In some versions, Metis gave Cronus an emetic to force him to disgorge the babies, or Zeus cut Cronus ' stomach open. Then Zeus released the brothers of Cronus, the Gigantes, the Hecatonchires and the Cyclopes, from their dungeon in Tartarus, killing their guard, Campe.

As a token of their appreciation, the Cyclopes gave him…

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