Who Were The Anasazi People?

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In Colorado’s past time there have been many significant people. The Anasazi are one of many Native Americans that have come and gone through this state. Their trail has been left throughout many areas, allowing historians to take a look at the beginning of Colorado, but they have also come to baffle many. Throughout Colorado history there are many reports of the attempt to rid the state of immigrants and non-whites. However, the Anasazi seem to have a different story. No one is sure of who these peoples really were and why they left Colorado. Historians have unveiled many facts but the truth is still a blur. The Anasazi people are known to be possible farmers, hunters, and nomads, but where they disappeared to is still a mystery.
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However, evidence has been found that say they could have been cannibals. Archaeologists Taft Blackhorse and John Stein explained a structure to be a site for religious sacrifices, where human sacrifices and ritual cannibalism were practiced (Insider: Who were the Anasazi). It is a subject that many archaeologist have argued about for years. Although there is not enough evidence to say they held human sacrifices, one side says that there is too much evidence for them to not be considered cannibals. “The evidence seems overwhelming: piles of butchered human bones, some of which were apparently roasted or boiled…ancient human feces even seem to contain traces of digested human tissue…at sites dating between about A.D. 900 and 1250, spread across the Four Corners region, Turner has amassed more than 30 examples of brutalized human remains” (Researchers Divided Over Whether Anasazi were Cannibals). The other side says that since they are the ancestors of today’s Pueblo Indians and this is not part of their culture, it could not have been part of the culture back then. Yes, there was violence but they do not believe it was to that extremity. “Other scientists point out that the "cannibalized" bones lie among other evidence of destruction, such as scattered medicine bundles, torn-down walls and ash from burning” (Researchers Divided Over Whether Anasazi were Cannibals). In some cases, people believe these findings to be from witch trials. In other words, it is anything but cannibalism, but no one can say for sure that cannibalism was not a part of the

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