Who Was Your Favorite Super Hero In My Life

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Who was your favorite super hero when you were a kid? Did you have a favorite actor/actress you wanted to be like? Or did you have a favorite singer you tried to impersonate every time they came on the radio? We all have an idol we see on the television or in magazines that we envy. We want to be as talented as them. If you walk into any elementary school you will find at least one young boy wearing a football jersey representing his favorite team because they all have a dream of growing up and playing in the NFL. Although I 'm not a boy and I don 't wish to play in the NFL, I did have an athlete and coach that I looked up to. I use to lay in bed at night and imagined growing up to be just like my traveling basketball coach and the most significant person in my life, Elsa Olson. …show more content…
She is widely known for her incredible ability to coach young athletes. Even though Elsa has been known to produce some outstanding athletes, she has received more negative criticism than support. The way she has handled the harsh talk, is why she is the most significant person in my life. Elsa has showed me how to use the negative vibes as motivations, pursue my dreams, and that hard work always pays off. When my sister was in fifth grade, she was asked to play on a traveling basketball team coached by the one and only Elsa Olson. We traveled every other weekend to tournaments around the state. If you looked at the girls on my sisters team, you wouldn 't believe they were basketball players. Despite this, they had a ton of success. They didn 't have many individual skills, but they were coached in a way that put them ahead of almost every other team. Naturally, it would make sense for me to be anxious for the next year when Elsa agreed to coach a second team of girls in my

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