Who Was The Victim For The Great Gatsby

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Hello, Nick! I have just finished reading your novel, The Great Gatsby, in my English class, and I enjoyed it greatly. I loved how you were able to recall your memories and your adventures in such a detailed manner. The one statement that I can not quite wrap my mind around is your statement that Gatsby is the victim of the events that led to his death, but I believe that he caused those events to fall upon him. Gatsby had wonderful intentions of pleasing the women he loved and lost, but the execution of those intentions created conflict, and stopped the fulfillment of his dreams. Gatsby’s life turned out all right in the end to those who truly understood him.
Gatsby’s dreams and ambitions are credible, but the way he sought to make them happen lead to his downfall. He is not the victim but the cause of his situation. Because Daisy admired those who were rich, Gatsby made that his goal. Even from a young age he desired for something better then he currently had. He sought to become rich and powerful so that he could finally regain Daisy. He believes that, if
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Every choice he made was to lead him closer to that goal. I do not believe in what you said about Gatsby being a victim because he was fully aware of the mess he was creating in pursuit of his dreams. Gatsby’s dreams were possible and credible, but the excessive ways in order to achieve them were not. Gatsby did turn out all right in the end because his true friends and family knew his motives and actions. Gatsby was fully aware that the decisions he was making were leading him to trouble, but he still did them in order to make Daisy love him. He followed his dream and tried to make everything happen in order to achieve them, like others would do, but he went above and beyond with every single decision he made. Gatsby was the cause of the tragedy that befell him not the

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