Who Was The Right Person For Me? Essay

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"I don 't usually do things like this, write down how I feel or what 's happened to me recently. However, considering what 's happening right now, I wanted to right it all down. If anyone ever finds this I want them to show it to as many people as they can in case my story is similar to others. I want what is happening to me to stop, I want people to see that my kind won 't hurt anyone.
After saying that, I feel like I can now tell you what happened exactly. My family wanted to keep my secret, they thought the best way to do that was for me to marry Paris. Paris is a kinsmen to the prince, he is wealthy, handsome and he wanted to marry me. Unfortunately I didn 't want to marry him. I believed, and still believe, that I 'm too young and that Paris isn 't the one for me. At this time I had no idea who was the right person for me but now I know and it 's not Paris. I told my family this but the only person who seemed to be on my side was the nurse. We came to the conclusion that I would have a ball to meet Paris first.
I wasn 't really wanting the ball to happen but I went along with it for my parents. Little did I know, this ball is where I was going to find my true love. I wondered off from the giant crowd into a small space where I was alone. Well at least I thought I was alone. I started performing some spells to try and make Paris not want to marry me. Unfortunately I needed some of Paris 's DNA to make any of the spells work. On my way back towards the ball I bumped into…

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