Who was Jack the ripper and why Essay

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Jack the Ripper was a murderer who killed all the young women who were a prostitute in London, 1888. There were many suspects to who Jack the Ripper was. Many people suspected Montague John Druitt, Jacob Levy and Dr T. Neil Cream as Jack the Ripper. However, there weren’t any exact evidence that they were the murderer so called “Jack the Ripper”.

The first suspected man to be Jack the Ripper was Montague John Druitt who was a Barrister and a school master. He was first suspected to be Jack the Ripper on the 31st of December 1888, the day he committed suicide. Many of the writers attempted to make a case against Montague John Druitt but were never able to write it convincingly. The reason people
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We watched him carefully, there is no doubt that this man was insane, and after a time his friends thought it advisable to have him removed to a private asylum. After he was removed, there were no more Ripper atrocities.” However, there is still no existing evidence to prove that he was really Jack the Ripper.

The third suspected man to be Jack the Ripper was Dr T. Neil Cream who was a doctor that secretly specialised in abortions. Dr T. Neil Cream was mentioned as a possible suspect of Jack the Ripper by John Cashman in the 1973 book “The Gentleman from Chicago”. There were many reasons he was being suspected as Jack the Ripper. Cream was found guilty for poisoning his mistress’s husband in 1881. He was sentenced to death on 15th of November 1892 and his last words were reported as being “I am Jack the…” which was interpreted to “I am Jack the Ripper”. Proponents also claim that Dr T, Neil Cream’s handwriting matched the handwriting of the two Jack the Rippers letters. However, there was no evidence that Dr T. Neil Cream was the real Jack the Ripper.

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