Who Started The Trojan War Essays

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Who started the Trojan War? This question has led to numerous debates among histories. This is also debated in the play Agamemnon. This play shows two sides: the Chorus and Clytemnestra. They both blame different parties for the Trojan War.
After the Trojan War has ended and Agamemnon has returned home. The Chorus, which is made up of old men, start to talk about who started the Trojan War. The Chorus blames Helen for the death of countless lives. This blame is seen when the Chorus said: “Oh demented Helen, / you wasted all those lives, / under the walls of troy, / now you are crowned with the final victory” (1455-1458). These four lines at the end of the play suggest that Helen is the reason why the Trojan War started and because of her a lot of people died. The Chorus seems confidant in their blame. They say that:
You spirit that has cursed this House, […] your power surges through the souls of women, an evil power that tears my heart. […]
Oh, such a vicious trail of destruction, an insatiable appetite for disaster. (1468, 1470-1471, 1483-1484)
The curse they are referring to is the one on the house of Atreus which is Menelaus, Helen’s husband, and Agamemnon’s family. The Chorus says that this curse is acting through the female members of this household. As seen when Clytemnestra killed Agamemnon: “I struck him twice and he screamed twice, / his limbs buckled and his body came crashing down, / and as he lay there, I struck him again, a third blow” (1384-1386). This shows…

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