Who Rules The America People? Essay

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Who Rules the America People?

Many people think when they elect a President or a person for Congress he or she tells you what they’re going to change or make better when they’re in office of the president or congress. But do they follow through with their promises they tell you and do they truly hold that much power like they do. I am going to share with you the role of the president and the role of a congressmen or women. We will determine who runs the government. So, the way I will show is key facts and point of each office, there are many different governmental branches and powers. But our focus is on the senate aka congress and executive branch known as the office of the president. Also, I will be sharing with you their roles in foreign policy and critical policy that’s had a lot of back and forth on is the Obamacare. The role of the president is to carry out and implement laws and policy for the people of the United States. People may ask how do you choose a president so he or she can do this task. Well first you must go through primary elections for each state to pick your republican and democrat candidate who you want to run for the general election. Once that’s accomplished then you have the general election to determine who will be placed in the office of the President of the United States. The president is the head of the state and head of the government of the United States. “Under Article II of the Constitution, the President is responsible for the…

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