Who Owns A Traditional Chinese Restaurant Essay

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Growing up in family that owns a traditional Chinese restaurant, my parents have worked hard all their lives in order to provide a shelter, clothes, and food on the table for me and my sibling. Throughout my entire life up to even today, my parents have always had workers from their restaurant living in our home since many of these workers live in poverty and do not have much belonging besides the suitcases in which holds their basic necessities. Often times, my parents do not know the background of these people because they do not have the time or the knowledge to do elaborate background checks on them. As a result of this, we are constantly in danger because in rare cases, the people that my parents allow stay in our home have a criminal past. Furthermore, since my parents own a restaurant in a part of the city where crime rates are known to be high, we are often in danger of being trailed home by even one of our customers. Throughout my life, two events have consistently stood out to me and defined who I am as a person today. It is also because of these three events that I strive in major in law when I get to college and work in the fields of criminal justice.
To begin with, the amount of robberies that has taken place in my home stretch back to when I first began to develop my long-term memories. A very distance one I remember was when I was about nine years old. During that year, my parents hired a worker who appeared to them at the time to be very “suspicious” because…

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