Who Moved My Cheese Essay

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Leadership Characteristics
By Kayla Geiger

I admire the organizational leadership within the company that I am employed. I want to highlight on the last five years of Montana-Dakota Utilities before getting into detail about specific styles of leadership that I agree with. The company in the last 5 years has went through several major changes that displayed the importance of leadership. We have purchased other companies which eventually went through merger to be more streamlined. We have changed Presidents and Executive officials. All these changes have been completed with minimal loss and structure change. We have some very important statements that our leaders follow by. We are four brands that
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The changes started from the top, the leaders, they decided where the cuts could be made and what departments could be restructured or moved. They did this job with integrity and thinking of the best possible outcome for everyone involved. We had people that resembled all four characters of “Who Moved My Cheese.” Some hit the ground running ready to make the changes and take on their new roles. Others sat back and didn’t do anything at the beginning like Hem and Haw. This is a very relatable behavior in this situation. Some people have been in the same position for ten plus years. They don’t expect the change nor do they want to learn the new stuff. They are in this position for so long because it is what has become comfortable for them. They are the Hem’s in the situation, let’s just hang out until the work is gone then we will be done. Of course, there were more Haw’s than Hem’s in the group. Most people accepted the change after a short period of time and realized that if they wanted to survive it was time they make embrace the change and move as needed. While all this change is happening with the lower group, there is also major change happening with upper management or the leaders. We are now combining the leaders of three companies into one main company with three smaller groups. The executive offices were all to be housed in one main area with a select few outside that. These leaders had to show what

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