Who May Exercise Victims ' Rights Essay

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Who May Exercise Victims ' Rights
Exactly who the law considers a "victim" entitled to a particular right. Victims of any violent crime, whether felony or misdemeanor, victims of serious juvenile offences etc.

Victims ' rights to be extended to the surviving family members of a homicide victim, or to the parent, guardian, or other relative of a minor, disabled or incompetent victim, a victim 's legal representative or another person designated by the victim may also exercise rights on the victim 's behalf.

Along with general rights for crime victims, special rights for certain groups of crime victims with unique needs are a must. These include victims of sexual assault, domestic violence or stalking, or victims who are elderly, young children, or victims with disabilities.

Crime victims and their families be given the right to be present during criminal justice proceedings. This right is important to victims, who often want to see the criminal justice process at work. They may want to hear counsel’s arguments and view the reactions of the judge, witnesses and the defendant.

Proceedings Victims May Attend
The victim 's right to attend proceedings includes the right to attend the trial, sentencing, and parole hearing of the offender, but may include other proceedings as well.

Exclusion of Witnesses
A victim’s right to attend the trial is often limited in cases where the victim is also a witness in the criminal case. A longstanding rule of evidence…

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