Who Is Your Favorite Basketball Player? Essay

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“Who is your favorite basketball player?”. This is a question I have been asked numerous times because I play basketball. When I was younger I would always say Kobe Bryant because he was one of the only players I actually knew about. Later on, I became more interested in the professional leagues of basketball and I discovered Sue Bird. She became my favorite. However, it was not through the media I discovered Sue Bird. On the contrary, I do not even remember watching advertisement for WNBA in the same amount of advertisement for NBA. Luckily, I did notice Sue Bird and as a female athlete it is important for me to have a female role model to look up to.
I would probably not have discovered any female athletes that could be my role model. One of the main reasons to this, is that female athletes do not get as much coverage in the media as male athletes (Maley 4). Not only is there less coverage of female sports, the media attention the female athletes do get, is mostly because of their attractiveness (Grau 59). Since the passing of Title IX in 1972 ("Title IX and Sex Discrimination."), the number of females participating in sports has increased and lessened the gap between the amount of female and male athletes. However, even though the Title IX protects sex discrimination within sports, and the fact that the number female athletes in sports has improved since the passing of the bill, the media still favorites men’s sports and male athletes (Grau 56-57).
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