Essay about Who Is Vlad? What 's His Serial?

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Who is Vlad? What’s his connection to Dracula? These two people are believed to have a controversial connection between them. Many think that the story of Dracula was really a creation of fiction that told the real story of a once powerful prince, named Vlad III, that had a wild thirst for blood.
Prince Vlad III was known by many in his life as a ruler, a son, and a monster. Prince Vlad was born in 1431 and died 1476. He ruled over a section of Romania called Wallachia (Pipe). Vlad also went by the moniker, Vlad the Impaler, for the gruesome acts he opposed on his enemies. He is known as one of history’s most infamous, sadistic leaders (Andrews). Vlad was the second son born to the family of Vlad II Dracul. Dracula was derived from the Latin word Draco meaning “dragon.” Vlad moved to Târgoviște, Walachia, in 1436 when his father became leader of the Wallachian voivode. In 1442 Vlad and his younger brother were sent to the court of Ottoman Sultan Murad II as collateral to assure the sultan that their father, in a reversal of his previous position, would support Ottoman policies ("Vlad III." Encyclopaedia).” He then became a pawn for his father’s political manipulation at the age of twelve (Romano). Once Vlad was informed of the assassination of his father and older brother, he returned in hopes to regain his father’s seat. The Boyers and Vlad’s younger brother, who was supported by the Ottoman sultan, also competed for his father’s throne
Vlad was victorious and claimed…

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