Who Is Virgil In Seedfolks

In chapter seven of the book “Seedfolks”, the author Paul Fleischman presented two new characters: Virgil and his father. Virgil - a fifth-grade boy who was excited about his summer vacation. His father was a daydreamer person who always had some plans about the way how to become a rich man. The author described both characters as hopeful people who strived to make some changes in their life. Virgil father wanted a big farm, and Virgil wished about an eighteen-speed bike.
After moving to the US, Virgil’s father worked as a taxi driver to support his family. Being a sociable person, Virgil’s father easily started conversations with all the passengers in the taxi. His cab was like a library where he could find the answers to all of his questions. For instance, after one of the passengers suggested the way to make money on baby lettuce, Virgil’s father decided to realize that plan. Growing lettuce would be the way to make extra money to support his family. He worked hard to clean the lot
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He already made some plans for the summer and was going to sleep until noon every day. However, Virgil’s father decided to involve him in growing lettuce. Even though Virgil was not pleased about working in the garden, he had no choice and accepted to help his father. The baby lettuce was like a new baby in his family and Virgil tried his best to take care of it. Virgil woke up in the morning and worked in the garden every day. The author described Virgil as a person who changed by the end of the story from an irresponsible boy to a hard-worker and obedient person. For instance, he accepted the fact that their plan of making money on lettuce failed and his father could not afford a new bike for him. He was mad at his father at the beginning; however, he changed his mind and felt sorry by the end of the story. The reason why he changed his mind was the hope about getting a new bike since he still wanted

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