Who Is Traveling Solo? Essay

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Regardless of where you go, traveling solo is intimidating at first. It 's a surreal feeling knowing that you 're going to eventually be somewhere completely by yourself. The internet is filled with a million articles on why you should travel solo. They talk about how it 's therapeutic and how you really find yourself. Many claim it to be a right of passage and boast about how you will become super comfortable being with yourself. While these articles hold a lot of truth, they often give people the this perception that traveling solo means getting to your destination and spending the entire trip alone. It doesn 't have to be that way. Traveling solo doesn 't mean you 're traveling alone. Social people make the best solo travelers.
I 've traveled solo twice, once domestically and once internationally. My domestic trip was to Maui, Hawaii. I stayed at a party hostel where I ended up getting a summer job. This hostel is where I fell in love with being a solo travel and where I learned my biggest lessons on being a female solo traveler. The second time I spent a few days in Santorini, Greece. I was more prepared and knew what to expect whenwith traveling by myself.
Here are 10 tips I have for traveling alone
Stay in a hostel
Americans don 't utilize hostels enough. So many of us don 't know what they are or consider them sketchy thanks to horror films. However, Hostels are really great low cost places to stay. They are perfect for solo travelers due to their low cost and…

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