Who Is The World And Protect People Against The Evil Force Has Always Fascinated Me?

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always wanted to be a superheroine. The idea of saving the world and protect people against the evil force has always fascinated me. However, the concept of a heroine for a little girl was not mostly inspired by cartoons instead it was inspired by politicians, revolutionaries, and visionaries that used their words and ideas as their fundamental power. Nowadays, even though my life had changed a couple of times, the desire is still alive. I can say that my hobby, my passion and my desires for a better society had combined in order to shape my love for political science.

When I was a little girl, I used to love watching TV. My favorites TV channels were discovery and history because since I have always been interested in topics such as history, science and I have always had some attraction for everything related with human societies and politics. This knowledge connected me directly with my father. We always used to have discussions about ancient Egyptian societies, some cartoon series and why many people were suffering so much due to “FARC” the terrorist from my country, Colombia. In Colombia, politics and social problems were the trending topic during early 2000 which is precisely the time of my early childhood. Therefore, talking about the government and economics with a six years old girl was consider as normal practice for every dinner. Due to my early age and great imagination I used to tell my dad that I was going to study to become a super heroine and then I will…

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