Essay about Who Is The Team Or Not?

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"I do not have control over who makes the team or not; with that being said, returning members may be cut." I knew from the instant my coach said that it was a lie. Of course, she had the control as to who made the team or not. Anyway, I did not think it would matter to me. I have been on the team for two years dancing with the junior varsity, my freshman and sophomore year. I got chosen to choreograph and teach several dances throughout the two years. I was always put in the front for routines. So, I was for sure making it, I thought. Ever since the coaches started the dance team at Blue Valley North, it has always been a big team. The coaches always wanted a lot of members to represent the school spirit we all had and to get the crowd going at games. They put dancers ' feelings in perspective and never cut returning members each year during tryouts. But, it changed the next year, my junior year. For dance team tryouts, the process was simple. We learned three routines: a sideline; a combination of jazz, hip-hop, and pom; and a flag routine. That took up the evenings of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, at the beginning of May. Thursday was the actual tryouts where the dancers had two other dancers with them in front of a row of judges and did all three dances back to back. Then, were the results. The dreadful time to see if girls were going to be a "North Star" or not. Going back to the beginning of the week, it was Monday. The first day of dance team tryouts.…

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