Essay on Who Is The Target Market?

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Who is Their Target Market?
The target market for the energy drinks are mainly consumers over +16, this is because there is Caffeine, Taurine, Guarana and other ingredients, which are included.
What is their age, gender or any other characteristics?
Energy drinks are for both genders. However, males tend to drink more often than males. Generally +16 onwards drink a lot as it is illegal for children under the age of 16 to drink as it is harmful.
How does the business target their market?
There are a range of strategies used by energy drinks to promote the drinks. This is through TV ads, athletes and events such as F1 (Sports Car).
Why does your business target this group?
Early in energy drink history, when they were first being sold in the United States, athletes were the primary consumers. This shows that even initially energy drinks were directed at a select crowd, a group of people with specific interests. Although the consumer base for energy drinks has now expanded beyond that of simply athletes, the target market is still more particular than in other industries.
Although, everyone is susceptible to the fatigue of the super-charged, over-worked lifestyle, young people are especially vulnerable to persistent exhaustion and insufficient energy. This group of people, more specifically male teenagers and people in their 20s, are also more likely to believe in the veracity of the energy drinks’ claims. As a result, the majority of energy drinks is developed…

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