Who Is The Same Right? Essay

1370 Words Nov 3rd, 2014 6 Pages
Have you ever been out minding your own business and saw an interracial couple? Did you catch yourself gawking or staring at them? If so, did you stop to think how that made them feel? Two normal people being judged for loving someone who is different than them. Does this mean we should all be judged? I mean no two people are the same, right? Yes, that is true but you shouldn’t be judged for the difference such as your race; you should be judged by what is on the inside, by your character. In today’s society, things like interracial relationships are allowed but that does not mean they are accepted. These couples are treated differently and sometimes even shunned by their own family and friends, just because they found someone that makes them happy. This is wrong, everyone should be free to love who they want without the fear of judgment or resentment. When you see an interracial couple, everyone stares at them. Some stare because they think of it as uncommon, but some, like Stephanie Georgopulos, are staring because they are proud. She says ,“I want to tell you I stare at you because I’m happy to see you, multiplying in numbers as you walk through my city. Because you’re doing something for love (or prospective love) that can be painful and alienating” (Georgopulos). This goes to show you that these people deal with the hateful looks and remarks just for love. They should not have to face these issues; they should not have to fear being judged by others for the person…

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