Who Is The Right? Essay

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"After ruling our thoughts and our decisions about life and death for nearly two thousand years, the traditional Western ethic has collapsed (DeMarco, Donald)." Professor Peter Singer conveys an attitude of revolutionary confidence that brings to mind another disbelieving revolutionary (DeMarco, Donald). Professor Singer is regarded in other circles, as an important and highly respected philosopher and bioethicist (DeMarco, Donald). Peter Singer salutations are founded on a "quality-of-life" ethic (DeMarco, Donald). Despite the intensity of his opponents, his books are widely read, and he has contributed to numerous notable works. Singer 's philosophy begins in a broad fairness and concludes in a narrow discrimination, abortion, euthanasia and other attacks on the sanctity of life (DeMarco, Donald). His equality has won him many supporters; his preferential has earned him his detractors. Hence, he is both strongly admired and soundly vilified (DeMarco, Donald).

Some of his claims are that "All Animals Are Equal," and he elaborated on this (DeMarco, Donald). Singer finds notions of "sanctity-of-life," which is created in the image of God is false (DeMarco, Donald). Therefore; supports the restriction of diets for everyone and a greatly restricted use of animal experiments (DeMarco, Donald). One major opposing view point is that Humans and non-human animals are fundamentally sufferers. They possess the consciousness that gives them the capacity to suffer or to enjoy life, to…

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