Who Is The Right Track? Essay

1410 Words Oct 12th, 2016 6 Pages
Now that you have truly identified what you believe and why, I ask you, who are you? Take a moment and think about that question and either just answer it to yourself or write it down. If you answered something like, a good mother/father, a handworker, successful, your nationality or race, or something else related to the “outside” world, think once more. Remove what you do, who is in your life, trauma, agendas etc. Imagine that you stripped everything away, no family, no job, no money, no clothing; all those things did not exist and there was no need or want for any of those things, so you did not miss them. Who are you, at your core? If you’re answered something like creative, caring, loving, even sarcastic, temperamental etc. You are on the right track.

Many, if not all of us go day in and day out with many faces of who we are, or rather who others want us to be. The faces we put on for our family and what they expect, the face for society, our job, our friends, foes, our partner and everyone else outside of us, but when do we get to see the face of who we really are? Remember you created the faces and images of you that you show to everyone. Trying to uphold all the faces is exhausting, now some of each face may be who you truly are but are the face(s) you show who you are all the time? We show snippets of it in our daily lives, but not enough to really be happy with our situations. We get so lost in what everyone else thinks is best for us and trying to appease the…

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