Who Is The Right Professor? Essay

755 Words Apr 7th, 2016 4 Pages
Prosper or Perish

Are you aware that Lincoln Land community college has 124 full-time teaching faculty and 226 part-time instructors? Having so many choices makes for a difficult decision on the students’ part when choosing the right professor. It’s hard to pick a professor with whom you’ve never met, or at best know very little about. However, there is a solution to all of the confusion! The wonderful web designers at www.RateMyProfessor.com provided student with a place to go and share their experience, leave feedback, and give insight. Rate My professor utilizes a simple and easy to understand five point grading scale, and provides a place to leave in depth detailed advice from former students to the new students considering the professor. It is important when choosing a professor to choose someone who meets your individual needs as a student, and that’s why I highly recommend to students to utilize the free services provided by Rate My Professor. Utilizing the free services provided by Rate My Professor is a great tool in aiding students to make the best decision.

One thing that is difficult for a lot of students are vague professors, however Rate My Professor is there to help. Sometimes as students we need that extra guidance, and shouldn’t we be entitled to that considering the steep fees we’re paying out to these universities? Reality is however that not all professors care to elaborate, after all they get paid regardless; sometimes what you got is simply what you…

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