Who Is The Right Or Wrong? Essay

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The right or wrong words that we hear in specific situations, from people who we love, when we are growing up, can be an important influence on the way we see the world. I feel graceful for all the people that I have met, because one way or another they are part of my life. One person has been a big influence on me, she is my mother, and the most important lessons in my life came from a trivial story. I was 16 years old cursing my sophomore year in high school. As a teenager in the 80’s my priorities were music, party and fun, though be good in school was only a way to get permission, from my mother, to do the things I used to like to do.
It was September 1981, when my favorite band, Queen visited my native country, Venezuela to perform a concert; and I really wanted to go, I could die for Freddy Mercury. But I had two big problems to deal with it. First: I had a bad grade in Latin, death language, the most boring subject in school; and Second: My mom; she had a horrible opinion about concerts, every time I asked for permission to go to a concert, her answer was always the same: “No, concerts are public events full of dangerous people and drugs”.
Anyways, this time I wasn’t taking “no” as an answer, and I asked:
“Mom Queen is coming. Can I go to the concert?”
“No, you are too young. It’s dangerous. You can go next time.” She said.
“You don’t understand, it won’t be a next time, please you always say no” I insisted.
And then she challenged me: “Ok, you are failing…

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