Essay on Who Is The Red Hair, Fair Skin?

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You sit in the hospital room that carelessly is trying to look like someone’s bedroom, but lacking the personality exhausted, and slumped from the long never ending night. You look over to your right and cannot help to let a sheepish smile fall on your face as you watch your family admiring the new bundle of joy in your life. You fall back into sleep with the conversations of “Oh, she got her mom 's nose!”, “look at that bright red hair, she got that from grandma!”, echoing in the background. `
When you have a baby, you seem to always hear friends and family saying these cliché lines. We place these traits we inherit from a generation to two generations ago; although have we ever stopped to think where did we actually get all these traits that create us as who we are today? The red hair, fair skin, big, broad nose to even the rosy cheeks we get when the weather outside is cold, come from more than just a generation ago, but 200,000 years ago.
Genetic studies have discovered Neanderthal DNA has been passed down to modern humans of non-African ancestry (Worthington). These studies have traced from the freckles on your face to your increased risk of Lupus in your immune system. It shows where our addiction to smoking cigarettes and depths into are dark mines of depression. Studies like this improve our knowledge of how we came to be and show how we used these traits to better or worse ourselves.
Neanderthals are a late relative of ours from 250,000 years ago. They first…

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