Essay on Who Is The Real Hero?

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Who is the Real Hero in Julius Caesar? Julius Caesar, written in 1599 by William Shakespeare, is a great play based on real Roman history. The play does not only tell the story, but also brings the audience back to the time period to experience and judge Caesar’s death with their own eyes. There are many ways to look at truth, because there is no right or wrong. Shakespeare named the play Julius Caesar but wrote about Brutus’s tragedy, which causes the reader to question who the hero is and how the hero contributes to the tragedy.
Julius Caesar is the main character in the play, who is a tragic hero whose flaw is pride. Caesar is born into a noble family and plays an important role in Rome’s development. He is the one who fights for Rome and gets the victory for his motherland. Even though Brutus says Caesar was ambitious and dangerous, he is, in fact, doing nothing bad for Rome and its people. The conspirators say killing Caesar is for Rome’s benefit, but their reason cannot prove that Caesar is not fit to be a king. On the contrary, when Cassius and the senators talk about how weak and arrogant Caesar is, Julius Caesar leaves the Romans gardens and money in his will. Caesar’s generosity and his love for Rome is undeniable. As Antony says in his speech at Caesar’s funeral, “He hath brought many captives home to Rome, whose ransoms did the general coffers fill. Did this in Caesar seem ambitious?” (Shakespeare 123). Brutus kills Caesar because Caesar was ambitious, but for…

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