Who Is The Problem Of Charge Of Healing? Essay

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Who is really in charge of healing?

INTRODUCTION To some, life can be equated simply as black and white matter. As a result, clear-cut evaluations of life and its circumstances can be made and all the answers found through science. Constant evolution and discovering the complexity of the world, beginning with the most complex, the human body, and a different shade of matter has exposed, the grey one of life. Unresolved and puzzling to the human mind, this grey area emerges in the various aspects of life. Illness is one of those areas and its healing process another. Moreover, a literature search on a particular disease will result in scores of papers that are using some new targeted approach for that disease. Bringing a sense of hope for one. In the hard sciences we desperately seek answers on how a patient can be treated effectively and prolong life as best one can in the course of their treatment. But what we tend to forgo is the intricacy of the human body and how unpredictable its reaction to disease. This serves, as a reminder to humans, healing is ultimately not in our hands. How can two people with the same disease, being treated, result in such opposing reactions? Yet, science claims all glory in the treatment and cure of disease. It provides the acute answers we are looking for, but it stops there. It cannot address the real question that may be beyond the realm of science. The reason why some cannot be cured of their diseased state is absent, the…

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