Who Is The Perfect American Family? Essay

1045 Words Oct 14th, 2015 5 Pages
Generally everyone is born into what seems to be the perfect American family. No one every thinks that this perfect life you currently live could ever be broken up, I use to be one of this hopeful believers. In just the blink of an eye your happy family can be broken in half and your parents will be getting a divorce like mine did. When my parents got divorced it wasn’t just them separating I was also being separated from the only man in my life. He was my number one supporter in life. It all started one day when I was in second grade, I came home to find balloons and my dad sitting at the kitchen table. My dad was home from work early which hardly ever happened, I knew then that something wasn’t right. My parents kept giving each other the look that they used when they couldn’t say something in front of me. I was not prepared for whatever they were planning to tell me. Finally it spilled out of my dad’s mouth “me and your mom are getting a divorce.” Eight years old I should be getting these balloons for doing good in school not my dad telling me he won’t be home at night to tuck me in anymore. I thought other things like bullies in school hurting my feelings hurt but nothing cut deeper than my who was my rock, leaving me to face the scary world alone. I had no clue any of this was coming because my parents never fought in front of my sister and I. I begged my dad to stay for my sister and me, but it was too late once my sister was home from daycare he was gone. I don’t…

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