Who Is The Pediatric Pharmacy Association? Essay examples

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After researching certain organizations throughout the many roles within the pharmaceutical field, I had never realized all the options as a student that I have. Though I still do not know what I want to do as a pharmacist, I did find a couple professional organizations in which I would fit in well. In fact there is one in particular that I thoroughly enjoyed after researching about which is the pediatric pharmacy association also known as PPAG. Before doing this research I had never heard of such an organization, but I believe it is one that I can serve well in as a member.
With their overall vision being to be the primary resource for effective drug therapy in children this made me feel different towards them then most of the other organizations that I had researched. First of all, as a child growing up I had been to many doctors and had been put on a lot of different medicines. Though with some of the medicines they were not effective for me and I ended up wasting time on a certain drug. Even now when I look back at how I was treated as a child, I get mad because I feel like there wasn’t enough thought and time put forth by the doctors in the treatment I was receiving. Also one of the main reasons I wanted to become a pharmacist is due to the fact that I was on a lot of medicine and wanted to know more about medicines in general. Now that I know there is a group that just focuses on drug therapy in children, this made me think that this could be a new opportunity for me…

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