Who Is The Outsider? Essay

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As a consumeristic society, doing or creating things that will sell, is a key conponent to success. In literature and film, this involves understanding what the people want to read and view and producing it in a convincing way. Romanticism based work has always been popular with a large amount of society and this is seen to have evolved into one particular character. This character or audiences love is the outsider character. In popular texts and films, this ‘out of line’ character is generally always a favourite. Writers and film makers have continued to develop and utilize this character and when this is studied, it says a great deal about the ideals of contemporary culture. The fact the outsider figure has become such a lucrative or profitable industry shows what we think about ourselves and what we want to think about ourselves. It is also a character that can be used to express values and ideals about society itself in a safe way for audiences to take in and understand. These ideas about why the outsider character is so popular and sellable is presented in two well known visual texts. This includes the 2006 television series, “Dexter” which focuses on main character, Dexter Morgan who is a blood spatter expert by day and a serial killer by night. Secondly, this is portrayed through, “The Dark Knight”, directed by Christopher Nolan and released in 2008. Both of these examples play on the audience’s own desires and challenges their ideas on what is wrong and what is right…

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