Who Is The Most Influential Person? Essay

1084 Words Feb 15th, 2016 null Page
Who could be the most influential person in your life? People learn from their birth to death and in this process teacher is a most essential and influential person. Also, not only teacher teaches general subjects such as English, Science, and Math, but also guides students’ behavior and moral values by being an example to students. Sometimes teacher becomes a mentor for students and direct, helps, and gives great advice. Therefore, students learn academic skills and as well as social skills from teacher. Thus, teacher has a power to change student’s life either positively or negatively. I met a best teacher in my life that impacted me and changed my life. She was the best teacher who values the relationship with students, has passion in teaching, and mentor students to walk into right path.
Firstly, having a great relationship with students is most fundamental and essential skills that teacher needs to have. Teacher who just teaches what he wants to teach in the classroom without any communication with students cannot be considered as a good teacher. If teacher does not try to build a relationship with students, students will not listen to what teacher says to them. However, when teacher values his relationship with students and cares the students, then students will open their heart and listen to what teacher try to teach for them. I first met my English teacher, Heylim Kim, at my high school. I was not interested in studying English at all, thus I was not paying attention…

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