Who Is The Most Free Civic Stance? Essay

1694 Words Dec 16th, 2016 7 Pages
The day has come to discuss what is the most free civic stance. At the start of this class I would not be able to answer this however. For the first essay I had to write for this class I used the quiz website to find my civic stance, it was Libertarianism. However as the class has gone by my opinion on what is a more free stance has shifted towards Anarchy. Although there are many stances out there, compared to all, I feel as though Anarchy lines up with what I can classify as genuine freedom for the individual. As many of the others fall short in several ways and have several other blunders that can stop it from being the true sense of the word free. To the beliefs of equality that liberalism strives for, the limited government that conservatives promote, the idea of owning everything under one that socialism goes for, or the complete distance and individual communities that anarchy has. To understand why this is so, we must first define what freedom is to me.
I look at freedom in the most literal sense of the world, I should be able to wake up and do/say whatever the hell I want. Of course, there is no such thing as that literal freedom, as humanity evolves whatever is in the past can not be returned as easily as people think. We can’t just lose restraints we have had for a long time. Especially in this day and age we are in, my idea of lose is a very slippery slope. The very concept of freedom is a very slippery slope in fact, Libertarianism states you can do whatever…

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