Who Is The Medical Field? Essay

1167 Words Jan 23rd, 2015 null Page
You could say that I have had a connection to the medical field since the day I was born – three months earlier than expected when my mother was diagnosed with preeclampsia. The medical team at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax saved us both, and I called the IWK home for the first three months of my life. Remarkably, my early entrance into this world did not result in any damage to my health; it only served to instil within me the desire and passion to learn and to help others. Every day I am thankful for what those doctors did for my mother and I, and I feel that there could be nothing more rewarding and fulfilling than passing on my passion and gratitude to others through the practice of medicine. Growing up I was always fascinated by the sciences, especially biology. Living on a dairy farm I have the opportunity to see many animals born and common veterinary procedures done such as correcting a twisted uterus. I always found this to be very interesting and growing up in such an environment likely made me that much more interested in the biological sciences. I even remember looking through my mother’s old biology textbooks as a child and asking her countless questions about how things worked. This undying curiosity for biology led me to pursue my current degree, BSc Biology, where I thoroughly enjoy human-focused classes such as anatomy and physiology, and biomechanics. While I have always thrived in the learning and knowledge aspect of my life, I have always been…

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