Essay on Who Is The Ideal Lifestyle Of Many American Men And Women?

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James, a wealthy prosperous man argues that his determination and hard work has earned everything he owns now. He owns three businesses, two houses, a few fancy cars, and can provide for his family of four. This is likely the ideal lifestyle of many American men and women. James explains that his success should not affect others and their thoughts, and that he is just a hardworking man who’s worked for everything. It surely does take a lot of work to get to where James is now. Many people disagree with James’s argument thinking his success was earned because it was more simple for him, that the door of opportunities was wide open for him. This is why people stress over success. Let’s not forget that success never comes in hand easy; unless one’s family was fortunate that their past generations were successful. The levels of hard work is different for each person.

On the flip side, James is a man who is white, grew up with great opportunities along with being well privileged. Realistically, it takes much more work for someone who either is poor, from a middle class, a minority, or has a different religion to become successful as James. Anyone who differs from the “American” traditions will definitely be challenged in any working industry because they are appeared as different or their traditions aren’t in common within their working environment. People face discrimination which leads to many downfalls. Living in the Denver Metro community, Colorado itself is one of the top…

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