Who Is The Holy Spirit? Essay

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First of all, the Holy Spirit gives believers the freedom to grow in sanctification and to glorify God. Believers have freedom simply because it is God’s gift to us, thus it can only be exercised in faith by walking by the spirit. (“galatians 5:13-26”) God has not given this freedom so people can live their lives for their own pleasure, but for the first time, they can do what God desires out of love for Him. The Holy Spirit gives true believers this desire to serve God. Believers will not enjoy the things of this world; the new nature hates sin and loves God’s righteousness. (macarthur) “Walking by the spirit is an enduring commitment to moral consistency through time… awakened to the divine direction and guidance that inspires and liberates.”(“galatians and christian theology”)
Although believers are now free in Christ, they cannot use this freedom as an excuse to satisfy one’s own selfish desires. (Zondervan) Self-indulgence is not true freedom, but slavery to one’s fleshly appetites. The freedom that the Holy Spirit brings is the capacity and inclination to serve and love one another. (jervis) Before a person is regenerated, he is unable to do anything except follow after his own lusts. He does not have the ability to truly serve others out of unconditional love. But once a person is saved, the Holy Spirit removes the power of sin and slavery to the law and gives freedom. The believer now has the responsibility to serve others within the community of faith. The perfect…

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