Who Is The Greatest Risk For Suicide? Essay

1916 Words Jun 7th, 2015 null Page
To many on the outside, Sam was doing great. He seemed to be transitioning well from life in the marines to civilian life. There were no outside indicators that he was battling with something that would eventually end his life. Like many veterans Sam took his life, for unknown reasons. His story is becoming like many other young veterans. Veteran suicide rates have been increasing over the years, especially in the younger population. To many this is just another sad fact on the news. To veterans like myself this is devastating. Another brother-in-arms lost their life to their own hand and there was seemingly no indication of intent. If the signs and symptoms were more known is there a chance at saving lives? What can we as a community do to reduce, if not eliminate the risk of veteran suicides in our communities. In order to achieve my goal of preventing veteran suicides I categorized my paper into what I believe to be three main points. Who is the greatest risk for suicide is explained by giving details about what specific group’s challenges are. The second point is what the different signs and symptoms are that suicidal people often show. These are both veteran specific as well as general population. Finally what prevention measures there are once a suicidal veteran is identified, as well as what programs are available to them. In order to prevent suicides one must first know who is at the greatest risk. Current statistics state that elderly Caucasian males with an…

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