Who Is The Family Influence? Essay

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The moment we are born the family influence begins to impact our thought process. A child is like a sponge that absorbs ideas and beliefs. Beliefs are taught to a child in subtle ways such as listening to the parents and their opinions from everything including politics, social problems. It is within the family that a person learns their moral values. It is from their parents that a child is taught right and wrong. Everybody believes in something such as religion, marriage, faith, after-life etc. We as human have a lot different beliefs some are same and some are different. But that is what makes us unique from each other. I believe in human rights, freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Imagine the world where people are equal. Where there are no rich or poor people and where everybody is treated the same way. Women can have the same job as a man. For example, I remember that back home my cousin and her husband applied for the same job at a university and they both had the same amount of education (degree). But she later found out that her husband got the job but she did not. When she went back and ask the university officials for a reason, they simply told her that as women she was not suitable for the job. But they both had the same qualification that university was looking, just simple because she is a woman she could not get the job. This violet the equal rights because men and women are born equal and, therefore, they should have the same rights. Equal rights…

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