Who Is The Doctor From Doctor? Essay

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“We are all stories in the end. Just make it a good one.” The Doctor from Doctor Who. This quote states that even if family and friends are gone, they will still be remembered by what they did when they were alive. Family will never loose thought about that person even friends. This quote may relate to young adults, they don’t have to be something great when making their story, young adults just have to know that they are something great inside. 2 people were researched that have followed this quote and 1 person was interviewed to show that she follows this quote.

One person that lived by this quote would be Benjamin Franklin because he never gave up on what he wanted to accomplish in his life. Franklin became one of three commissioners. Waldstreicher states shortly after the Declaration of Independence was adopted in July 1776, Congress appointed Franklin as one of three commissioners sent to represent the United States in France(Waldstreicher). Franklin is starting off a good start, making others know that he is there and not invisible. Franklin wanted to improve Philadelphia. Schlesinger states Franklin became more into changing the town of Philadelphia. He began a printing office. Then, made a fire department. Later on becoming Pennsylvania 's Assembly, which made the laws of Pennsylvania(Schlesinger). Franklin knows that Philadelphia might need improvement to make the little town noticeable, he comes up with ideas that might help the town light up. Franklin served as…

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