Who Is The Chief Steward Pars? Essay

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After all, how could these ostracized people who contributed so little on Earth suddenly produce something worthwhile? Philip remembered his father John Jones-May, the Chief Executive Officer of the World Governing Body, often referring to that segment of the population as either disposable undesirables or troublemakers. The party sounded like an utter waste of their time. In fact, the entire tedious voyage offered little more than the opportunity to stare into the void! Only the thought of never having to go on another space voyage after returning to Earth consoled them in their misery. Despite losing their appetites at the start of the journey, they turned their attention to the barely palatable food on their trays and ignored Russell.
Russell hastily exited their cabin with considerable relief in getting out of the claustrophobic sinkhole that threatened to consume all those who entered. Suddenly, he decided to tell Chief Steward Pars at the earliest opportunity available that perhaps the time had come for someone younger, like Charlie or Henry, to take over his role of serving the space tourists. He found it baffling that successive generations of space tourists showed such utter disdain towards both the passengers on the lower deck and the entire crew. Their perpetual complaints, histrionics, and lack of appreciation for the small blessings in life had exacted a visible toll on Russell. In fact, their negative energy sapped every ounce of his strength that…

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