Who Is The Chance On Learning English? Essay

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Even being an American has it’s problems. Especially coming from a Hispanic background. I was born in South Carolina, when I was five years old barely starting Kindergarten, my parents decided a big change for my brothers and I. We moved to Mexico, we lived there for about three years I started school there, so I never really had the chance on learning English. After I started going to school in Mexico, my parents decided to come back to South Carolina. That’s when everything was confusing, I didn’t speak any English which was very terrifying to me. I didn’t know what to expect coming back to the U.S. I was starting the third grade when my parents decided to move back the U.S. I was raised in a Spanish speaking household, went to school that the only language they spoke was Spanish. So moving back to America was big deal to me, meaning I had to start basically a new life with totally different people, new language, new friends, new everything. It changed my life in a totally complete way, when I started school here it was different compared to school in Mexico. They were learning different things which made it more complicated for me to learn. As going to school I had to take a class which was called “ESOL”, which helped me learn English. I think I took that class until I was in the Fifth grade, I felt pretty cool afterwards that I knew how to speak two languages. I was speaking more and more English at home with my brothers, out in public, I would always watch TV…

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