Essay on Who Is The Best?

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We all want to be the best. It is human nature to develop a fierce desire to escape the normal bonds we are cast in. Some individuals maybe born with an inept ability to succeed, and others strive and work for their glory. Dad was no different; he was a blue-collar worker applying his trade to provide for his family, with the cost of a few sore muscles, torn and tattered clothing, and blood soaked hands. He was taught hard labor pays the bills; however, he decided his son would work in the pursuits of the mind. He pushed education on me, determined that his son wouldn’t have to face the trails he endured. “Education can get you so far,” he would say to me every upcoming test day at school. So naturally instinct took in, I wanted Dad to be proud of me. So each day I tried to be the best in my class.
My classroom was a small room with decrepit walls and fossilized paint chips harbored on the wall. Almost stuck in time, I would think to myself as I callously chipped away at the paint. That’s when my teacher stood from her desk and towered over the pint-sized children, that have come to know her throughout the year. Mrs. Glenn was her name, and she wore the kind of smile that instilled trust and reassurance. She was a fan of floral dresses, that reminded me of my grandma’s clothes, and this made me feel more comfortable and at home. With a delicate voice as golden as her hair she said, “Now reading is important. I want each one of you to be successful, and it all…

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