Essay about Who Is The Best Of Paying It A Visit?

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Review - This particular service caught my eye recently, by reviewing it for myself firstly and then evaluating it to see

if It was the best internet TV service available online like it says and not believing the hype and the over selling it

via media means. I already have a subscription with "Netflix" and have done for over a year now, but you know when

something else becomes available and it is plastered all over the adverts on television, I have to see if i could get

better value for money! I don`t know what you are like in that instance? Is it just me?

My monthly membership via "Netflix" is no bother at all and it suits my needs and my partners also. So, just out of

intrigue and curiosity I thought of paying it a visit! Here is what I found, my research and recommendations from other

people, with positive and negative comments about it. I hope it is of value to you all!

During my search I found that "Prime Instant Video via Amazon" is one of it`s kind that enables streaming TV programmes

and films that is paid for annually by the consumer! Is this detrimental at all? I know for one that the "Netflix" monthly

subscription tends to my needs and if I should want to cancel my membership at anytime then I am able to do without any

bother whatsoever! I am not so convinced with "Amazon Prime" after reading the customer comments. More of that later!

This "Amazon Prime Service" was an afterthought incentive originally so I am lead to believe but when it what…

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