Essay about Who Is The Best Of Friends?

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He loves me he loves me not, if only I loved him back. Now I know what you’re thinking how could you let a guy love you and you not love them back, It’s actually a lot easier than you think is but, hear me out first, by the way I’m Joie. It all started back in college my freshman year… my little sister Jessie and Charlie’s little brother Corrie were the closest friends every so ultimately, me and Charlie were forced to hang out when came back home from college because our dad was a hardworking man and our mother was never home doing only god knows what. After a while we became the best of friends, played in the same band together; I was a drummer and Joie was a tenor sax, we had our own mental language going that no one could figure out. We went on double dates with our friends being the third wheel with almost all the dates because no matter how much we hung out together Charlie never seemed to have any interest in me but, I still kept pursing him hoping that he’d catch on eventually and eventually never came. Because Charlie and I were close friends we told each other everything from our darkest secrets to the people liked let me just say probably the worst idea ever!!!!! Anyway this one particular day we were talking about the what type of person we were looking for in a relationship and Charlie’s response was they must have a banging body with good hair, mixed race for sure, skinny and know how to cook. Everyone that knows me knows that the only thing that fit in my…

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