Essay about Who Is The Best Man?

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I like good people and nearly all my life I have been around good people. Oh, I have known a scalawag now and then, but most of the people I have known have been very fine people and I have enjoyed being with them.
I like to read about good people and I have a number of volumes in my library about great men who were pioneers; who a long time ago made possible the work that is going on, even today, in the church. And I enjoy reading those books.
But, the best man that I have ever read about, other than the Lord, is a man whose story is recorded in chapters ten and eleven of the Acts of the Apostles..
For some reason or another, although my Lord had said, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15), the early disciples either didn’t understand that or they didn’t think that the Lord was ready for them to do it.
Or it may have been because the Great Commission, according to Luke, was to have its beginning in Jerusalem and they simply didn’t know when to turn loose there.
Anyhow, the church had been in existence for about ten years before Peter preached the gospel to a Gentile named Cornelius.
I don’t suppose that I have ever known a man better morally than Cornelius and he was a praying man and God heard his prayer. That has been a problem for certain Bible students; however, the law under which Cornelius was worshipping must be considered. It wasn’t Christianity for up to that time he had not obeyed the gospel. It was not…

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